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  • 1. Summer in Mallorca More than just sun and beach

    Summer in Mallorca

    In Summer Mallorca bustles with visitors seeking sun and beach. There are beaches for all tastes, from large, fine white-sand beaches to small, isolated, charming, crystal-clear coves. Summer is the perfect season to enjoy nautical and water sports, as well as a wide cultural and leisure offer combining tradition and modernity.

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  • 2. A privileged location for nautical tourism 

    A privileged location for nautical tourism

    For many years Mallorca has been a favourite nautical destination for Europeans and Spanish people due to a variety of reasons. But the main reason is that it is an extraordinarily beautiful place in the Mediterranean, with crystal-clear waters and an ideal weather. In addition, it has superb flight connections due to the large number of flights arriving from the most important cities in Spain and in Europe.

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  • 3. Family Tourism 

    Family Tourism

    Children are the priority on family holidays. You want to ensure that as well as having fun, they are going to be in a safe place. In this respect, Mallorca is one of the most trustworthy destinations. Comfort, safety, fun, nature and family, Mallorca offers all this and is just a short flight away.

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  • 4. Exclusive Mallorca Luxury sensations and experiences

    Exclusive Mallorca

    Mallorca has a certain something that makes you want to come back. Some of our visitors are movie stars, prominent politicians, royalty, renowned business people and international artists, all in all people who want to treat themselves to a piece of paradise. Because Mallorca is a natural paradise in Europe, no more than a stone’s throw away, just a few hours flight from home. Visitors are greeted by the turquoise sea and the almost year round bright sunny weather. Mallorca is the perfect destination if you are looking for quality holidays, an exquisite service and luxury products. We have decades of experience in the service sector with a constant renewal capacity backed up by large international companies.

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  • 5. Health and wellness Mallorca, a place to disconnect

    Health and wellness

    Mallorca has been known for a long time as the “island of the calm” and there is a good reason for it. Even though fiestas are very popular on the island, Mallorca still offers excellent opportunities to relax. Here you will be able to disconnect from the outside world, pamper yourself and take care of your body. Therefore it is not surprising that many visitors arrive to Mallorca in search of a spa experience and to escape from stress.

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