Puerto de Cala Figuera

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Cala Figuera, Street Moll 9

Street Moll, 9 · 7659 Cala Figuera

Phone number: 971645242


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  • Mallorca has a certain something that makes you want to come back. Some of our visitors are movie stars, prominent politicians, royalty, renowned business people and international artists, all in all people who want to treat themselves to a piece of paradise. Because Mallorca is a natural paradise in Europe, no more than a stone’s throw away, just a few hours flight from home. Visitors are greeted by the turquoise sea and the almost year round bright sunny weather. Mallorca is the perfect destination if you are looking for quality holidays, an exquisite service and luxury products. We have decades of experience in the service sector with a constant renewal capacity backed up by large international companies.

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  • The sun shines brightly in Mallorca when spring arrives. Even though it is frequent to see images of people swimming on sunny winter days, in spring the fine, white sandy beaches start filling with sunshades announcing the arrival of warm weather. Nature flourishes and it is the start of an intense cultural and festive calendar that rises in crescendo until the end of the summer season.

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